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Campania has always been one of the most fascinating regions of Southern Italy. Its beauty derives from its culture, its typical cuisine and its naturalistic places that attract millions of tourists from all over the world. The richest area, from this point of view, is undoubtedly the Sorrento peninsula.

The Sorrento Peninsula is a dynamic town full of fabulous traditions, which combine the Neapolitan habits and customs with those of Salerno, creating a completely unique folklore. In this strip of land that extends towards the warm and cozy Tyrrhenian Sea, farming and livestock yield very valuable food with an interesting flavor.

Sorrento food and wine

As we have just mentioned, this magnificent place is an ideal combination of the typical customs of the province of Naples and those of Salerno, two cities that often compete. In this magical place, however, both find space, even giving life to innovative and definitely more Mediterranean dishes.

The ingredients of each dish are simple, but incredibly tasty: fruits grown in an almost completely uncontaminated land. The famous Sorrento lemons, as well as tomatoes, the finest scents and the flours of wheat grains grown under the always-shining sun, give life to sensations that are impossible to experience elsewhere, on the tables of other regions.

Of course, fish also plays a major role here. Here are some of the typical dishes:

  • Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, simply flavored with mozzarella, tomato and basil
  • Sorrento-style squids, filled with breadcrumbs, anchovies, mozzarella or other types of cheese and eggs
  • Sorrento baba, which is not drunk as usual in rum, but in limoncello

Every dish is served at the table with wines made in this region. But the specialties of this incredible area do not end with fish. We will now go on to make a brief but rich overview the typical products of the magical Sorrento Peninsula!

Provolone Del Monaco

Provolone del Monaco

This cheese is highly appreciated and is considered a jewel of the Campania gastronomic tradition as, together with buffalo mozzarella, it is the only one that can boast the designation of origin P.D.O. Provolone di Monaco is a kind of spun paste and unlike caciocavallo it has an oblong tapered shape.

The milk with which it is produced is very valuable and comes from the milking of the Agerolese breed: the latter is very rustic, suitable for pastures which are difficult but able to produce milk of the highest quality.

Pasta di Gragnano

Much appreciated by many people, P.G.I. Gragnano Pasta is obtained by mixing durum wheat semolina with water from the local aquifer.

It is characterized and distinguished from other products by the diversity and uniqueness of the formats released for consumption and also by its surface which appears rough.

Pasta Di Gragnano Igp
Limoni Di Sorrento Igp

Sorrento lemons

Very representative symbols of Campania, Sorrento lemons have also received the I.G.P recognition, i.e. protected geographical indication.

They have a medium-large size and differ from other citrus fruits for their elliptical shape and organoleptic properties, their thick peel, citrine yellow color and essential oils.

Pomodorini del piennolo del Vesuvio

Typical products of Campania agriculture, the P.D.O. cherry tomatoes (pomodorini) from Piennolo del Vesuvio are grown in the traditional way and are so called because, thanks to the conservation technique, pendulums called piennoli are formed.

These are placed in a hemp thread and stored in ventilated places: their maturation is slow, but the advantage is that they last for a long time. Indeed, even if over time they lose some turgor, they acquire a delicious flavor.

Pomodorino Piennolo Del Vesuvio