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Truffle lovers can’t wait for the 90th edition of the International Alba White Truffle Fair to take place. They really love truffles’ earthy and charming aroma that delights all the senses.

This event has always received special attention from the media, since it is the main showcase of one of the most valuable products of the Italian cuisine. All Italian regions are rich in mushrooms and truffles and when it comes to truffles, Italy has an enviable reputation worldwide.

However, it is in Piedmont (especially in the Langhe and Monferrato area) that the legendary white truffles grow the most. These truffles can only be found in gourmet cuisine and you need to be very lucky to eat them.

The Truffle Fair is an opportunity to promote all the qualities and peculiarities of this product. For ten weeks, from October to December, people can go to Alba to enjoy show cooking and dinners, visit ateliers of taste and try sensory experiences guided by real experts in the field.

World-renowned chefs dedicate their talent, skills and love to the dishes they prepare for the occasion and they are proud to cook one of the most precious ingredients that exists.

Fiera Tartufo Alba 90 Edizione

While the foodies will be around the old historical village, a wide range of events will take place, such as medieval parades, the donkey palio, folk shows and games. These events are both for children and adults to enjoy and they are linked to the ancient tradition of the city and the whole region.

The great success of Alba white truffle

Its scientific name is Tuber Magnatum Pico and it is definitely the best truffle that exists. What makes it so precious is its unique aroma, which is different from that of any other truffle. Moreover, the white truffle is extremely rare, it is not a cultivable product and it is very difficult to find. It stands out from all the other truffles also for other charming and fascinating features (these features may even make you hungry):

  • its pale colour
  • its yellow peridium
  • it can become of exceptional size
  • its peppery, spicy and savoury taste

Being lucky enough to taste this product is an outstanding experience and not many people can say they have tried it.