Our Manifest


We want to protect and safeguard our excellence and our traditions by bringing to light stories and secrets that make our country unique.

We are a fair-trade company, we have a deep respect for the territory, the products, the producers and their work.

We are constantly looking for the best Italian excellence and the hands that work them.

We contrast poor quality productions, counterfeits, and all those that use raw materials of dubious origin.

We believe that human and friendship relationships must be the basis of the links between producers, collaborators, gastronomes and experts.

We are an eco-friendly company. All the raw materials used and all the processes are designed with the aim of minimising the environmental impact.

We are in love with Italy. We believe in the beauty and uniqueness of the Italian territory, kissed by the sea and the winds that make it a rare and inimitable corner of the world for the quality of its production and food and wine culture.

We are curious, passionate and happy to be able to share with you the love that binds us to Italy and its treasures.