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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Expert

Tasting Technician, Curator of “The Extra Virgin olive oil – Guide to the best oils in the world of ascertained quality” and Publisher of Flos Olei – Guide to the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

For many years, he has been committed to spreading the knowledge and importance of good Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all the benefits it has for our body and all the stories and traditions related to its production. Marco Oreggia was happy to recommend some of the best Oils produced in Italy.

Marfuga Gran Riserva Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Marfuga Gran Riserva

Blend of Moraiolo and Frantoio, elected best Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Flos Olei. It is a Umbria PDO-Colli-Assisi-Spoleto, a splendid oil, intense golden yellow, with slight green reflections, limpid.

To the nose its smell is broad and enveloping, rich in vegetable notes of artichoke, thistle and chicory, flanked by balsamic hints of mint and rosemary.

In the mouth it is full and complex, with cinnamon tones and a clear memory of unripe almonds and black pepper. Strong and spicy bitter decided and harmonious.

Don Gaudio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Don Gaudio

Blend of Coratina and Ogliarola, elected by Flos Eloi as the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the Blended Category. Intense fruity, intense golden yellow with delicate green nuances, limpid.

The nose is firm and enveloping, full of balsamic hints of mint and rosemary, flanked by spices notes of black pepper, cinnamon and a clear memory of unripe almonds.

Fine and vegetable of the palate, it tastes of artichoke, chicory and lettuce. Powerful bitter and strong and spicy.

Colline di Firenze Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Colline di Firenze

It is a Tuscan PGI extra virgin olive oil, produced from organic farming. It appears at the sight of a beautiful intense golden yellow color, with slight green shades, limpid.

To the nose its smell is broad and enveloping, with hints of artichoke and chicory, flanked by notes of aromatic herbs, with a clear memory of mint and rosemary.

The taste is soft and harmonious, with tones of field lettuce and final memory of almond. Strong bitter and spicy strong and balanced.

Algoritmo Extra Virgin Olive Oil


From an extraordinary land that deserves to be enhanced, this Extra Virgin Cilento PDO is born, intense golden yellow with greenish nuances, limpid.

To the nose its smell is broad and enveloping, imbued with hints of artichoke, chicory and lettuce, to which are added balsamic tones of mint and rosemary.

Elegant and complex on the palate, it is enriched with notes of black pepper and clear unripe almonds. Strong and harmonious bitter spicy and spicy.