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Those who selectionate raw materials of excellence

Lovers of good food, cheese refiners and maturers of the highest quality. Stefano and Francesco have taken over the historic Roman shop La Tradizione, a reference point of lovers of great gastronomic excellence.

They selected for us some of the most particular and refined kinds of cheese, which are characterised by the quality of the raw materials used, organoleptic values and constant quality of production.

Piacentinu Ennese

Piacentinu Ennese

One of the oldest PDO kind of cheese in Sicily, produced exclusively with whole sheep’s milk, characterised by the addition of saffron and black pepper grains.

The rind is yellow in colour due to the presence of the saffron. The paste is compact, hard and greasy.

The flavour varies from slightly spicy to more intense according to the seasoning, the smell is characteristic, with light notes of saffron.

Castelmagno Alpeggio

Castelmagno di Alpeggio

Semi-hard PDO cheese belonging to the blue cheese family, produced with raw whole cow’s milk from cows fed with fresh fodder.

The rind is slightly wavy, brown in colour with a light layer of fat undercrust.

The paste is yellow in colour, tending towards ocher in which small natural blue identantions can be glimpsed.



With a very particular shape, similar to that of a step. It is a PDO pasta filata cheese obtained from the processing, carried out by hand and with wooden utensils, of whole and raw cow’s milk which feeds on the rich pastures of the Iblei territory.

The rind is hard and oily because it is capped with olive oil, straw-coloured, which can turn brown, with aging. With a pleasant and characteristic aroma, it has a sweet, delicate, overall very tasty flavour. The taste, slightly spicy at the beginning of the seasoning, tends to be accentuated, becoming tasty, for grating cheeses.

Provolone Del Monaco

Provolone del Monaco

It is a semi-hard PDO cheese, seasoned and produced exclusively with raw cow’s milk, of which at least 20% is obtained from Agerola cattle and 80% from different breeds (Frisona, Bruna Alpina, Pezzata Rossa, Jersey, Podolica) bred exclusively in the production area. A semi – hard cheese made from cow’s milk.

The rind is thin and almost smooth, with a yellowish colour which has darker darker shades, tending more towards intense yellow when the cheese has been matured for more than 7-8 months, also giving the cheese a more consistent consistency.