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Sicily is one of those islands so full of wonders and magical places that even several months wouldn’t be enough to visit it all.

Torre Normanna EriceOne of the most suggestive and appreciated places in Sicily is the village of Erice, which can be visited at any time of the year and is a real haven of peace, thanks to the friendly atmosphere that you breathe as soon as you set foot in this unique and place.


The most beautiful place to see and also the most important from a symbolic point of view, is certainly the Castle of Venus, which is from the Norman era and stands on an overhanging cliff. It was designed and built in the 12th century, on the remains of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Venus.

Climbing up the castle you can admire, thanks to the panoramic view, a very large portion of the territory, namely the promontory of Capo San Vito, the small harbor of Bonagia, the promontory of Cofano, the plain of Trapani and also the towns of Marsala, Trapani and a part of Mazara del Vallo.


Small as Erice is, it offers many opportunities to have fun and relax, alone or in company. Getting to the village is simple: you can drive, go on foot (especially for trekking lovers) or by cable car.

Genovesi EriceThe cable car is one of the most attractive means of transport and Erice, in particular, offers a breathtaking view because of the mountains and of the long beaches that you’ll leave behind while climbing up.

Once you reach the top, you’ll be in front of the stone vault, that is the entrance to the city that leads to the center of the village. You’ll be in an urban landscape that will make you travel through time and will get you into the Middle Ages.


Walk to the first bar to have breakfast with a coffee and the typical cream pastries called Genovesi. There’s nothing better to start the day. Then head towards the castle and enjoy the view.

For lunch, stop at any rotisserie to taste arancini – the famous Sicilian balls of rice – or have the traditional “pane cunzato”, a particular kind of bread with topping, for a real riot of flavors and scents.